Zimbabwean Blogger Thembi Terry Zulu Totem

This is a good question, what is my totem?

I think in Ndebele it’s what they refer to as ‘isitemo.’ Then in that case, I have one or two depending on how well you know the struggle that is my life.

I personally feel that in the times that we are living in where broken homes are so common. Its important to remind people especially men that deny their kids how important having the right surname is. Also to the women that give their kids a daddy from the streets. Letting a man raise a kid that aint his isn’t right. Don’t pawn off a baby to the most suitable candidate. If you don’t know, just say you don’t know who the father is. You can’t play guesswork with people’s lives. There will be consequences (ominous drum music and lightning.)

I love my totems. They make me feel proud and ish. If I have a traditional wedding, bae would have to recite my totem from the gate as I walk in. It sounds like a Zulu love poem what could be more romantic? As I strut my stuff across those grass mats in my bright and colorful beads. With the women ululating and raising up the dust with their dances.

Here are other instances where bae could use my totem
1. When he thanks me for being the wonder that I am
2. When he is begging for my forgiveness cause you know how we princesses get
3. During child birth. He will be my hype man the whole duration of the birth of our child.
4. When I die. No need to elaborate on this cause he will take a dip before me and that’s for sure.

Izithakazelo zakwa-Zulu
Zulu kaMalandela ngokulandela izinkomo zamadoda,
Zulu omnyama ondlela zimhlophe,
Wena kaPhunga noMageba,
Wena kaMjokwane kaNdaba,
Wena wenkayishana kaMenzi eyaphuza umlaza ngameva,
S’thuli sikaNdaba,
S’thuli sikaNkombane,
Wena kasihhawuhhawu siyinkondlo bayikhuzile ngoba ikhuzwe abaphansi nabaphezulu,
Wena kanogwaja omuhle ngomlenze,
Wena kaMbambelashoba,