When it comes to religious issues to each his own. Nobody will ever say that their religion is foul and everybody will use the same bible to back up their religious doctrines and beliefs. All I know is, believe in something and don’t let anyone tell you what that something is.


Growing up, I lived in a traditional home. It wasn’t a secret. The whole neighbourhood knew that sometime in April and August there’d be mqombothi at my house. I remember the kid from next door saying, “I can’t come to your house til you are finished because I am afraid of ancestors.” I laughed. I had grown up in this system so I didn’t know any different.


In my late teens, I decided to start going to church and the clash of beliefs began. I didn’t know who or what to believe. There was no middle ground. I went from one church to another trying to find a home. I’d always find something that I did not agree with and I would leave. From proud prophets, to fanatics to secular items flooding Sunday service. I made a decision to serve God from my own house and stay true to myself.


The bible says go into your prayer closet, which I have in my own house. I praise and pray to the living God everywhere I am in my heart. I have found that prayer works. God stays answering my questions and teaching me and counselling me. I have created a hybrid of principles to live by. Most of these are borrowed from other religious sects. And you know what? Its working for me. Instead of choosing one religion and having to force myself to fit when it clearly doesn’t.


Find what works for you and stick to that. If you have been called to a life of witchcraft go for it. If you like walking around at night performing rituals its all good. God gave us a choice, He said, “I put before you, two choices, life and death. Choose life.” Of course, He’d much rather you choose life but you have been given free will. People need to stop imposing their religion on others. Work out YOUR own salvation with fear and trembling. Don’t bomb me for thinking differently, focus on your own life.


What are your thoughts on religion nowadays?