Zimbabwean Blogger Thembi Terry Fav Zim SongsI grew up watching Ezomgido and Pungwe Mirepoix on New Year’s eve. We would stay up late watching local music videos back to back. It was an annual family tradition. My dad would record our favourite songs on video tape which I still have by the way. I used to cringe when dad would ask to dance with me but I really miss those man. I have always supported local musicians, heck I used to groom a couple of them in the past. Listed below are the top 10 Zimbabwean songs I absolutely adore!


  1. Thomas Mapfumo – Chipo Changu

I don’t really understand what the song is about but I have always loved it. I gather it’s something about a gift but I can’t seem to figure out why. During my time at ZiFM Stereo, I was like a DJ for 5 minutes and this was the only song I wanted to play. I texted my dad just so he could tune in and hear it cause it would always take us to a simpler time.


  1. Tehn Diamond – Happy feat Jnr Brown

I got this song via a WhatsApp group. You know when you are listening to music on your phone and all of a sudden you hear new tunes that you did not download? I loved it the moment I heard it and it has never left my phone. Stella and I still blast this baby in the office when we wanna get hyped for the day ahead. Stella this one is for you!


  1. Floppy X – Ngdakwe Nghambe Ngeface

So, when I was living with the shortest girl I know, she decided to introduce me to Floppy X. She played me a song called ‘Emfeni yami’ and I knew right there and then that I would have babies for Floppy X. I made her send me the lot of his music plus his phone number. He is a lyrical genius in my mother tongue. He is so creative and funny. We are a match made in creative heaven.


  1. ExQ –Kiloz feat Takura and Roki

Lodza really liked this song. I could hear this song round the corner before her car pulls up to the office. She likes to brainwash us into liking her weird tracks. ExQ has been earning my adoration. That free spirit song is messing up my concentration. I can’t seem to get it off my mind but Kiloz is still his best work according to Thembi Terry. Job well done!


  1. MaiCharamba – Ndirimunana

What can I say about the new offering from the Charambas? I have never been into local gospel. When it comes to gospel, you don’t wanna be guessing the lyrics. Mess around and pledge allegiance to the gods of others. I first heard this song in a kombi and then I heard it in a shuttle, twice in one morning. I knew it was a sign. The message is strong and beautiful and the whole thing is just well put together nje.


  1. Cal_Vin – Z’khuphani

This boy is delicious to look at and he has this appealing confidence borderline cockiness. I love plenty of his tracks and I am subscribed to his YouTube channel but I chose this song because I can totally relate to the message. When people don’t believe in your dream and when you make it, they wanna take what they didn’t help you to get. The remix of this song with Cassper Nyovest is just the cherry on the top.


  1. Tytan Skhokho – Bhoo

The video for this song I wasn’t feeling so much but the song is a masterpiece. When I marry, Tytan must sing this song at my wedding. It’s such a romantic song that managed to fuse the two main languages in Zimbabwe. He taps into both tribes and keeps walking the line between the two effortlessly.


  1. Calvin and Muzi – Isu tombofara

This is my mother and I’s jam. The apple decided to fall so far from the tree when it comes to singing. I cannot sing but my mum sure can. She taught me the lyrics which I have down but have no idea what they mean. I pick up here and there that it’s a romantic song. They love it at weddings after that True Love song.


  1. D Flexx – Tsaona

This song is the funniest thing that I have ever heard. I went over to my best friend Kennedy’s house and he played it for me. I didn’t laugh cause I didn’t know what it meant. After he translated, I found it so hilarious. I downloaded it and shared it amongst my friends. I really like clever lyrics. I am a words kind of person and if you are clever, you have my attention.

     10. Lovemore Majaivana – Tshilamoya

This song doesn’t need an explanation. It’s a beautiful song in my mother tongue about the one thing I have loved since I was born in Bulawayo and to top it all off, the first opening line has my father’s name in it. I had always heard the song, and I knew the lyrics, sort of. He took me out for drinks at Grey’s Inn and the sing played and he asked if I knew it and of course I knew the song. He had the bartender play the song again and only then did I realise that I had missed his name being sang.


What are some of your favourite Zimbabwean songs?