Zimbabwean Blogger Thembi Terry RoostersI had heard the worst horror stories about the things that happen in the kitchen. Dirty dishes, rats, misplaced bodily fluids etcetera. I used to love eating out cause I am extremely undomesticated. I don’t know how to cook and I hate doing the dishes but these horror stories put the fear of Ecoli in me. Not to mention those stories that some popular fast food joints cook their food with water that washed corpses.

Anyway, so I went home for the official store opening for one our clients. While we were in Bulawayo, we decided to hit up Zonk’izizwe and have lunch before we head back to Harare.

We walked up to Roosters Pub and Grill and it was exquisite! The place is stunning. We picked out a table and waited to be attended to. (See what did here?)

The lady came through, greeted us and handed us the menus. She came back shortly and took our orders. She swiftly brought back our drinks. My colleague then says to her, “I don’t want any ice in my glass.”

The waitress grabs the glass half-filled with ice and throws the ice into the lawn like it ain’t even nothing. She confidently places the glass back on the table and walks away. I was shocked to say the least. Such a proper looking joint with so much sass. I hope this sauce is free cause damn it was a lot!

And the long wait began. The rest after that isn’t even worth mentioning because nothing could beat her act.

I had a pastor who would always list to us the places where he does not eat. I’m not sure if God told him not to eat there or if those places were serving demon flesh. All I knew was, if my pastor doesn’t eat there, neither will I. I don’t usually spill tea about places but it only takes one bad seed to ruin the joint for everybody.

Everybody is an influencer now on social media. One rude waitress leads to bad reviews which is bad for business. My decision to purchase, watch or download something hinges on reviews. So train your people proper. Yes throwing out the ice solved the problem but couldn’t she go and do it elsewhere? In the back maybe? This came across as very rude and we were not amused at all. Please do better next time.