Thembi Terry

Hustle & Grind

Live in the Now

Do you ever look back at some of the years of your life and some chunks seem to be a blur? You can’t seem to remember what you were doing with your life during those missing pieces. No, your memory…

Hustle & Grind

It’s who you know

The harsh reality has always been that there are certain jobs you’ll never see being advertised but does that mean there haven’t been any vacancies? Obviously there were but they quickly got filled because someone knew someone and recommended them…

Love & Life

Forgive yourself

Forgiveness is so difficult. Not just because you can remember what happened and how much it hurt but also because there isn’t a list somewhere of outstanding issues to be forgiven. You’re thinking, I’m right with everybody and BAM something…

Love & Life

Take Responsibility

Whose fault is it that your life is in shambles? When you lie awake and take stock of the debris that is your life, under whose tab do you put the bill under? If you could arrest one person for…

Love & Life

Silence will set you free

When I was a teenager, my mother couldn’t get me to stay put in the house. I always had somewhere that I needed to be. Either Faith Panashe‘s house or Kennedy‘s. I was busy doing nothing. She would lock the…

Love & Life

The Spooks in Your Spaces

I was listening to Kae Chap’s Juzi song and I thought, “How many people are holding on to something like that jersey?” A symbol of your pain, heartbreak or failure. Why would you hold on to items that rob you…

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