Many of my friends around me are unhappy with their lives and I’ve been wondering why because I am equally unhappy with where my life is. I’d hate to think that it’s because misery loves company.

After endless DMCs with each of my friends I realized the root of our unhappiness.

We were unhappy because there were things in our lives that we left behind but didn’t really leave.

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I’m about to turn 30 and I am still unmarried with no children. Did I have opportunities to get married before? Yes I did. All the way up to the engagement stage and then I’d flake. Literally go ghost on people. Change my number, move cities and just walk away. For this and other atrocities I have committed I am sorry.

Some of them I realized leaving was for my own good based on how they have turned out in their relationships and some of them I left physically but I never left mentally. I am constantly wondering, “What if?”

What if he was the one?

What if I made a mistake?

What if I gave up on my chances and I have blown them all?

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I never regretted leaving. Never gave it a second thought until I spoke to my aunt that is shy of 60 still unmarried. She said to me, “I used to be just like you. Young, ambitious and picky as hell. I turned down men left right and center and pursued my career. I regret it now because as I got older, the men approaching me were divorcees and widowers.”

I let my aunt get into my head. It was all helter skelter in my mental space.

I then gave an ex boyfriend a chance just to make sure that I hadn’t made a mistake. I had not. All the reasons why I had left him were still there. I was correct for leaving. You see before I left I’d ask myself, “Could I live with all his flaws for the rest of my life for better or worse.” If my answer is no I’d leave.

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What’s my point?

My point is if you’re unhappy or disgruntled leave. You aren’t glue’d to the floor and neither are you wearing an anvil on your ankle. If a job is leaving you unfulfilled then resign. Don’t worry about the bills and source of income. Your mental health matters more. If you are in a dead-end relationship then leave. Don’t worry about how long you’ve stayed in it and how much money you’ve invested. It’s better to leave now because a stitch in time saves nine.

Never regret leaving and when you leave don’t look back. Don’t wonder what if. Don’t let the people around whisper doubt into your head. My mentor has a whole article on the ‘Art of Leaving.’ You can read it here:

What are you leaving today?