Yup! You read that right. Does it make me a bad person? In the eyes of a broke man yes it probably does. I’ve blogged about my love language being money before and I am ready to make it my first language. Have I dated broke men before? Yes, I have. I am speaking from experience. I don’t make this stuff up. I speak only of what I have experienced. After watching #AcrimonyMovie I am dead set of being the girl who marries him when he has made it. I am tired of being the fertilizer that grows good men for another to swoop in like a vulture and devour him whole.

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Here’s what I like. There’s broke men that meet somebody’s daughter and they are extremely inspired to change their ways and do whatever it takes to be able to look after another man’s daughter. Guys, when he meets the right one, he will stop chilling by the shops at the snooker table being a deadbeat playing with his boys all day. He will clean his room, type out a CV and start perusing high and low for a job.

Then there’s the other broke sloths. These ones are the type to meet a nice girl and wallow in self pity the whole time. Every time you text him you know nothing good is going to come out of his mouth. He is always complaining about something and feeling sorry for himself. Sunrise to sunset. These are the type to resent you for making them aware of their inadequacies. He is selfish. He can’t afford to do anything so he seeks out the cheapest thrill there is – sex. He will impregnate you knowing full well that he cannot afford a child or damages for your family. Now he’s even more frustrated with you. How dare you get pregnant. But ladies you also, how do you expect a man who cannot afford $0,50 condoms to be able to afford a money-guzzling offspring.

Anyways, ever notice that there is just something attractive about a man with money? He walks tall. He has the confidence of a bleaching yellow bone. He has a stability that you can depend on. You never get embarrassed on his behalf. You can order what you want without fear.

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Love is overrated. We have tainted it and ruined it. I don’t think that if we saw it, we’d even recognize that this is true love. It’s a subjective little thing that differs from human to human. We’re all broken and we have created our own little hybrid, mutant definition of what love is and we’re dead set in our ways. What I do know for sure is that my love for money has been irrevocable and steadfast.