This blog post is for my kleptomaniacs who have sticky fingers for other people’s husbands. I’m not judging, I know nothing about your relationships and thus I’m not allowed to have an opinion. What I do have, however, is a playlist of my favourite I’ll take your man songs.

1. Salt n Pepa – I’ll take your man

I first heard this song on Beautyshop. I was a kid but the song always stuck with me.

2. City Girls – I’ll take your man

This is a remix of the Salt & Pepa song. The one line that kills me is, “See this b**** ain’t like me and I don’t know why. But I’ma give her a reason when I take her guy.”

3. Cardi B – Bartier Cardi feat 21 Savage

This is one of my favourite Cardi B songs. She did some things with it and it’ll forever be a fave. Not only does she take your man, but she also takes your girl at the party. Hide everybody!

4. Lady B – Ndinokutorera Mufesi wako

I bumped into this clip on Twitter. My boyfriend tracked it down to a riddim medley. Her opening line floored me! Defos, the song to play after a successful heist of stealing men.


The #ManHeist is on and I warned you about it on the She Will Take My Man blog post. My word is still solid today. I said what I said and I still stand by it. But if you feel something different, then grab your rosary and pray hard along to the song below.

What are other songs that you know that have lines about stealing a man?