I watched a video of a wife beating up her husband’s mistress. I couldn’t make out some of the Shona but there was a hammer, pair of scissors and the wife’s kid who also joined in on the assault on camera. Goes to show the calibre of woman that does this sorta thing.

I went through the comments section below this video and two things came out.

1. Deal with the person you married (Which we covered long ago on the ‘Calling Out His Sidepiece on Social Media Won’t Stop the Cheating‘ blog post.)

2. Why would this young girl sleep with a married man?

I have some thoughts, obviously cause why else would you be here.

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1. Proven track record of looking after a woman

Why should you continue kissing frogs when there is a prince that’s already been kissed? His wife has trained and conditioned this man to take care of the home and provide. He knows exactly what to do, say and how to make a plan. Why train an apprentice when you can hire a graduate? That’s why they say don’t publicise all the nice things that your man does for you. You’re advertising him. Saw the funniest tweet, it read, men will see a girl and say I want a girl LIKE that but women will see a man and say I want THAT exact man. Still funny.

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2. If he likes me, I’m equal to his wife

JayZ is married to Beyoncé but he cheated with Becky with the good hair. Becky could have been a girl that idolises Beyoncé and thought, if JayZ is aroused by Beyoncé, if I can arouse him, that’s means I’m as attractive as Beyoncé. So in this case, JayZ’s manhood is a measuring stick. I don’t think this was the same in the Lewsinsky Vs Clinton case though. In the same way people would buy an artist’s second hand possessions, is the same way they’d want to share her man. I share a dip stick with Beyoncé, what an honour.

3. For the sport

Why do people like to do dangerous things? Why are we always hungry for the forbidden fruit? Nobody knows. But there are adrenaline junkies that get hyped from forbidden relations. All that sneaking around is what excites them. The I-Nearly-Got-Caught of it is addictive to them. So they keep doing it. No real reason just the thrill of the sport. I’d like to argue that it’s the same thrill underpinning rapists and paedophiles but I’m not a doctor.

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4. For the flex

People with esteem issues have funny ways of gaining validation. And the world championship of being a baddie is being able to make a man leave his wife for you. Some people treat feminine wiles like the Olympics, winner takes all. I know a girl who collects men’s wedding rings, just for just. The female persuasion is what put Samson in jail. It’s been hyped up in the movies and women want to know how far they can stretch it. How far would a man go for me. In the words of Beyoncé, “my persuasion, can build a nation….endless power…he’d do anything for me.” Mbeke told me a story of a girl that convinced men to commit suicide for her. I was shook.

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5. To punish the wife

How many songs do you know where one female is threatening another female that I’ll take your man? (See the full playlist here) Because women hold on to men so tightly, the enemies strike where it hurts the most by going below the belt (see what I did there?) I actually know so many songs on how I’ll take your man that I wrote a whole blog post of a playlist for my baddies. Sometimes they just want the man because he is yours. He could be ugly and broke but because he is yours, he is marked. He is only valuable because he is of value to you.

6. Your husband is loose/cheap

This is self explanatory.

There are many other reasons but these were the funniest to me. There are other serious reasons deep rooted in the psyche like daddy issues but we’ve heard plenty about them.

Still feel free to list some reasons below.