Dr Mike Murdoch says, “To see the true colors of people around you, tell them your vision and watch their response.” Others will rise up and help you and the rest will try and talk you out of it. I’ve always believed that everything you need to succeed is in your direct environment. Life is like a Super Mario game where if you follow God’s will, the road is laced with gold coins. In the game, you know you’re going the wrong way if you aren’t seeing the gold coins. I digress. Here is what I am saying, in life there is people like Jonah who are running away from their own calling and they jump on your ship and their rebellion starts to sink you with them.

downloadI had a friend like that, any project that I would embark on, I’d bring her with and I started seeing a pattern. Every time she got involved, things would take a turn for the worst. Of course my cultural people would say ulomnyama/anemnyama/aneblack but it’s not always juju and voodoo dolls.

Some of the stuff that happens to us is created by us. We are a direct result of our choices. Trying your hand at something that isn’t your talent isn’t healthy. Stick to what you know.
It’s like driving, and you pick up a hitchhiker that took a wrong turn, the hitchhiker is wayward (wayward here meaning lost or away from his own course) and the two of you travel together. A man that only knows confusion can only impart chaos into your life. The blind leading the blind. Not everybody sabotages you on purpose, their ignorance precedes them. Make your list, check it twice, and know who is naughty or nice. With Jonah it’s sink or swim, but with Jesus, we walk on water!