Madame Tussauds’ Beyoncé wax figure

First of all, do you know how hard it is to be a Beyoncé? Next of all, to become a Beyoncé you need to aspire to an impossible standard of perfection and hard work and those two things are what separate Beyoncé from the rest of your faves.

Being a Beyoncé is like being assigned a group assignment and you end up dragging dead weight and doing the assignment on your own anyway. Was I heartbroken when Destiny’s Child fell apart? Absolutely, it was like losing Princess Diana all over again. But now I understand why she had to do it. If you’re married or still live with your parents you can understand that your decisions aren’t sovereign. Imagine having an idea or wanting to take a break and you have to run it past two other band members? That’s not life.

But Thembi her dad was her unfair advantage

How many years now since she split from her father? It’s been all her! After breaking away from Matthew, how many girls from Destiny’s Child then made it on their own thereafter? You know what sets Beyoncé apart? Her work ethic! I have watched Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé in its entirety 5 times now. When she is on stage with Destiny’s Child, she nudges Kelly to walk faster. Didn’t see that did you? I also wasn’t aware that J Balvin was also there, he messed up and wasn’t included in the documentary. Watch the clip below.

Nicole Scherzinger and Fergie are both talented entertainers. They broke up from the group assignment and couldn’t cut it on their own. Nicole needs the Pussycat Dolls. Her work ethic and management team couldn’t carry her through by herself. I don’t blame Melody Thornton for leaving.

Speaking of Melody, do you know how hard it is to be the Beyoncé under nothing more than a backup singer? Melody can sing! And she got into the Pussycat dolls and wasn’t given singing time. She is epitome of leave the table when your interests are not being served. When I was working in advertising, I had an A.E who would shoot down really good ideas without even presenting them to the client. The agency then started looking like it lacked innovation.

Yes, innovation.

Beyoncé in her own words, “changed the game with that digital drop.” To make innovative moves takes risk and bravery but you also need to be the one signing off on these moves. That doesn’t happen when you are unequally yoked or when you are a subordinate. Risks cost money you need to trust in your work enough to sign the big checks and release a surprise album with no promo work.

To be a Beyoncé you work hard

Just listening to Beyoncé list all the things she had to do without to make ready for Homecoming made me hungry. She works really hard. She literally says she put her body through too much for Beychella and she will never do that again. And sis is a virgo. As someone whose boyfriend and best friend are virgos, I tell you now that their standards are impossible. Beyoncé has checked everyone including her husband on stage!

Not everyone can be a Beyoncé. If you feel in your heart that you are a Beyoncé, you need to make the moves to ensure that you get to call the shots. Don’t let them bully you into being anything smaller. Beyoncé is accused of being a slave driver but she won’t be sitting there twiddling thumbs. She oversees everything. Also, I’ve come to realise that people will attack a standard that they can’t live up to.