Love is a lot of things, the one thing it isn’t about is deprivation. If you’ve ever spoken to a good or decent parent, they will tell you how it tears their heart apart when they have to deny their kids anything just because they can’t afford it. It seems to be parenting 101 that loving someone or something is giving it all you’ve got.

Money in a relationship is a tricky conversation. Did you know that financial problems are the leading cause of divorce? I bet one of the reasons is, the woman pretended to be okay with a man without money but forever was too long a time for pretence. 

So is a rich man a solution to all our problems?

By no means! Have you ever heard stories of rich baby daddies who don’t send a cent to their baby momma? Yeah, having money doesn’t mean he is gonna give it to you. What you need is a man with his priorities in order, his ducks in a row. A man with money for turn-ups with the boys but come school fees season, he is negotiating terms isn’t what you need.

But does that mean settle for a broke man?

Nah girl nah! A life of lack is not worth living. We serve the Father of abundance and anything less than that is anti-Christ. Diabolic. If you’re into philanthropy and dedicating your life to the less privileged, that’s fine Mother Teresa but don’t bring kids you can’t afford into it. Don’t be selfish. It’s heartbreaking and unfair on the children.

Money between men and women is a power play

Men with no money will accuse you of being a gold-digger. They hate themselves for not measuring up and they want you to hate yourself for liking nice things that they can’t afford to give you. Then men with money will try and keep you using that money. Sometimes, they’ll regularly remind you whose money it is. There’s no winning in this situation.

If you want a better life, marriage or even more kids and he can’t afford to give them to you, you don’t owe him the wait. True love isn’t about deprivation. You don’t have to live without. Money can be made whenever but time wasted, you can’t ever have back. Serve your interests and guard them selfishly. It also helps if you have your own money.