Alright, so Facebook is the biggest one because I share on my personal account, my blog’s Facebook page and also various blogging groups. WordPress automatically posts onto my page but the rest I must do manually. What usually works is having a great caption to acompany the link that already has an image of the blog title. At the beginning, I joined any blogging group that had over 5000 members. You need to be cautious with groups though because some don’t allow you to share blog links. It’s considered spam.


WordPress automatically posts the blog link on Twitter along with the featured image. I usually re-tweet it and add relevant hashtags and tag blogging related Twitter accounts. I only tag about ten because anything beyond that doesn’t fit. I have been dying to create automated welcome tweets for my followers encouraging them to visit my blog but procrastination what can you do. It would also be good to automate tweets that have links to previous posts that you had done before. If they are scheduled right, they won’t come across as spammy.

On Instagram I post the featured image of the post and add the relevant hashtags in the caption. There are like 20 hashtags on each of them and I just copy and paste. Unfortunately, you cant put the link just under so I place the link in the bio (which explains why people say “Link in bio.”) Using the popular hashtags for bloggers has connected me to bloggers all over the world which is good for business. This year I want to start posting Instagram videos about what the blog post is about and what inspired me to write it. Easy right?

My number is readily available on all my social networks. Aren’t you afraid creeps will call? Not even, call screening and blocking are free in life. Plus I have another line that is more personal which only a handful have should I need to get away from it all on the work number. So, everybody that reaches out to me on WhatsApp in relation to my blog gets added to an optional broadcast list where they receive notifications on new post updates. I love to interact with my readers and answer the questions that they may have arising from a post they read.

I’m not even sure why I included this one in the list but it was a publicise option on WordPress. Again, the moment I publish a blog post it is automatically shared onto my LinkedIn account. I am vexed to the max by LinkedIn so I am not even sure what then happens on there. I love LinkedIn because the people that I am connected to on there are creatives and thus my posts aren’t out of place. LinkedIn also doesn’t have bundles so if people are on it then they have the data to visit my blog. I have not explored LinkedIn groups but its definitely on the to-do list for this year.

Google+ is also done automatically by WordPress. I hardly visit it but it says I have 52 000 views which means its worth exploring. My privacy settings are on share publicly which allows anybody to see my blog posts without having to follow me first. I have recently joined Google+ blogging communities but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Will letcha know when I figure it out how it all works.

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