Have you ever been in a situation whereby you and your arch nemesis had the same best friend? Or that awkward moment where you are water and oil comes through? When two people dislike each other there is always a strange vibe that usually goes unaddressed and this is unhealthy. We tend to ignore this pink elephant in the room hoping it will get up and leave on its own but it never does. I don’t understand why people choose to live with this discomfort when you can just have the uncomfortable conversation and be done with it.

In our lives we are gonna have to reconcile human beings that should be kept at separate ends of the earth. We all go through this. Trying to keep all the people important to you close is tough and even worse when they hate each other. But as the common denominator between the two, you must hear both sides of the story and resolve the conflict. The world is small and it’s getting smaller. Burning bridges is no longer a luxury we can afford. You can pussyfoot around the tension but one day the tension will hit fever pitch and all of a sudden…HIROSHIMA!

The balancing act of having to juggle the two people who clearly have it out for each other like Tom and Jerry is exhausting. It is emotionally exhilarating. You need to keep planning, scheming and plotting to make sure they aren’t at the same place at the same time. What happens at special occasions like your birthday, wedding or the birth of your child? Somebody is bound to feel left out. People’s feelings will get hurt even more including yours as Patient Zero. The best option is to choose between them and drop the other one but sometimes that can’t work. Imagine your mother and your husband don’t get along, who will you choose to keep? You shouldn’t have to make such a decision in the first place.

I have a friend and I think she is well aware that her mother and I don’t get along. She has never come out and directly addressed the issue but I really wish she would. Considering SHE is the reason that the beef exists in the first place. Of course I have considered diffusing the situation myself but truth is I’m very bitter about it and I am not remorseful about the incident that caused the rift. But there is always a tension when I meet the mom and she isn’t half as civil as me. I need to be mentally psyched to be around that woman and I cannot aggravate the situation any further because she carried God’s gift to my life.