The only thing I want in 2019 is female friends I can make money with.

I need a girl squad around me that has influence and power like Taylor Swift in ‘Bad Blood.’

There are so many young women that I’ve been keeping a close eye on that are steady making moves despite the prevailing economic situation in Zimbabwe. These women be outchea on the paper chase having a day job and a side hustle simultaneously and I’m here for it.  

I believe that you are the company that you keep and I am ready for the kinda girl gang that’s great fiscal for my company. In the past, I’ve met some girls that were really great people but work ethic wise we were unequally yoked and I constantly had to crank to get them to do anything, for their own benefit no gaal.

I was done wasting my energy. I let go.

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Support is my love language and if I have to ask once, twice, three times for anything to be done, that’s borderline betrayal to me. My dreams and aspirations are my babies until I have real babies and if you can’t support them, I don’t see why we should be friends.

But aren’t you looking for people to use?

If you’re asking this question best be sure we can’t ever be friends. No man is an island, I can’t possibly take over the world on my own Pinky. There are some skill sets that I do not have and I need someone that is well equipped in those areas. As much as I’d love to be self-sufficient, it’s not possible. I wouldn’t step to you disrespectful asking for freebies just because we are friends. If I’m asking that means I think you are great and great comes with a price tag and that’s fine. Let’s create strategic partnerships and rake in this money together.

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Why can’t you work with men?

Because I don’t want to! I want to see my gender win! Women empowerment won’t work until we start creating these networks of women working together. Plus I’m a creative and these sons don’t know how to nail femininity just right. Working with women makes the project slap differently and women won’t wanna make me an offer I have to refuse.

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What kinda girls are you looking for?

She gotta have ambition, believe it or not that stuff is contagious. Someone that can hold me accountable when it comes to deadlines and timelines. Someone with a good head on her shoulders that can advise when money moves are to be made. I’d love creative friends, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers cause those are my interests. We’d never get bored and we’d keep learning together.

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This ambition thing is hard enough without a supportive squad to help you keep it together when you feel like throwing in the towel.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the crew, hit me up and let’s make it happen.