I was picking up my cousin from school one day. I just sat by the benches and waited patiently for her to get it together so we could go home. As I waited, a group of girls were standing within earshot of me having a discussion about the Copa Cabana party. They were discussing normal outfit synchronisation and logistics. The conversation took a dark turn when one of them expressed her wishes. She was hoping that a girl she dislikes would also be at the party so that they could drug her to fix her.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. A high school girl planning on having another girl, drugged and possibly sexually assaulted just because they have beef.

I then remembered that when I was in high school, this actually happened. I’m shocked it didn’t make the news but it involved 2 private schools and one of them being the most expensive in our province. A girl got drugged, her two best friends were involved. She got sexually assaulted by a number of boys who were loose lipped about it. All 3 girls got expelled (I think) and we heard nothing of the boys who had raped an unconscious girl.

A girl I was living with when I first came to Harare once put her blesser in my bed.

Okay so backstory, she had invited me to go out with her and her brothers. I refused. They insisted and I went along. We got to the spot and she disappeared. Next thing we know, we’re being called to a gold Fortuner. We all got in. The driver took us to some dingy spot with Rhumba dancers. He bought food. The girl’s brothers ordered bottles on bottles. My alcohol tolerance is low so I refused to drink. 

Peer pressure. 

We played a stupid drinking game and I became light headed. The driver gave us the keys to the car for me to go sleep it off. Woke up to everyone getting into the car. We drove away to the next spot. When we got there, girl says, it doesn’t align with her brand to be seen at that spot. Her brothers drop off and the driver takes 3 of us home. The girl, her boy cousin and myself. 

When we get home, she helps me to my bed and I let my guard down and fall asleep. Shortly thereafter, I could smell an unfamiliar fragrance. Somebody’s hands were all over me. I stumbled out of my bed with my leggings around my ankles. I tried the light and it wouldn’t turn on. I crawled to the kitchen. The mysterious dark figure from my room, emerged from behind me and called the girl. She came out and said, “warara naye/did you have sex with her?” He responded, “How can I sleep with her, look at the way she’s acting.”

A fight ensued between them and the guy was adamant that someone in that house would either sleep with him or he’d be refunded all the money he had spent on food and drinks. Long story short, the morning after, my phone was missing. I moved out 2 days later.

Moral of the story is, more and more women and girls are drugging their friends and placing them directly in the line of sexual assault. The girl who did this to me is always posting bible verses online and has a clergy title in her Facebook name. You would never know that she writes cheques to blessers that her body can’t cash.

It’s frightening that as a woman, danger could be lurking literally around every corner. These drugs are highly accessible. Trust no one with your drink or when you’re drinking. When you’ve had enough, make sure you have a plan to get yourself home. If you are feeling woozy, text someone to come for you and send your live location. Better safe and reprimanded than sorry and sexually assaulted.