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Short Story: Stuck in Traffic

The baseline of the music pulsates through her body as she does her dance moves that resemble a mating ritual. She leans back onto his chest and whispers something to [ … ]

5 Types of People I Will NOT Work With

As a publicist I have encountered a wide range of personalities, talent and obstacles. During my career I have developed a list of the naughty and nice. Some have earned [ … ]

We Need New Faces

The creative industry is tired with the same old people showing up and claiming to be veterans of the industry. Where is the new blood? I’ve noticed that everytime there [ … ]

Love in the closet

You’ve been in love for a while now. And you wanna shout it from the rooftops that you’re bae’d up. So you log onto Facebook and go all Shakespeare on [ … ]

The Video Vixen Vex

In the days of my youth, I used to work with young artistic youth in Bulawayo. I had this dream of having a talent agency of a new excellent standard. [ … ]

The LIST you could do

The Top 100 Influential people in Bulawayo was released last week. I wasn’t even checking for it when the congratulatory messages started flooding in. Screenshots verified the claims that I [ … ]

The voice

I was only minding my own business, exactly a decade ago, when a friend of mine (Leroy Ndlovu) told me that my voice was annoying. Mind over matter. Years later [ … ]

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