Unless you have access to Love Potion #9 there is no way you can make someone marry you…for true love anyway.

Kikky BadAss got married and her bride price was a major hot topic online. Among the jesters and trolls were women who aren’t married yet and some who aren’t even dating.

There was also uproar when the former pornstar  Mia Khalifa got married and I had to explain how one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If marrying a pornstar isn’t for you then fantastic but don’t joust people who have chosen that life for themselves. Talking about, “Ain’t no way I can turn a stripper to a housewife,” and yet Offset married Cardi B.

Some guy told me I wasn’t marriage material. He literally said, if he had to choose between Lady Tshawe and I, he’d pick Lady Tshawe. I wanted to be bitter about it until I heard his reason. At that point I was like, you wouldn’t marry me but dude, I wouldn’t even date you.

Here’s what I figured out, wife material is subjective. What suitor A is looking for is different from Suitor B. It’s the same in fashion, some can afford Cashmere whereas some can only afford Polyester. There’s levels to it. Find a fabric that doesn’t make you itch and the rest is none of their business.


I love to watch Snakes in the City on Nat Geo Wild. Would I date a guy who catches snakes for a living, nope. But Siouxsie goes everywhere with her man catching snakes and she is fatally allergic to the Cobra venom. That was her choice. There are so many men who I feel aren’t husband material and yet they are married, such as wife beaters, dead beats, losers, freeloaders but someone loved them enough to marry them.

Ultimately, I can’t have an opinion cause I’m not married. Maybe he was right, I’m not wife material but I am a woman of steel.