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The Optimus Dime

I always knew that all those make over shows would have adverse effects on the female psyche. The developments in make-up artistry have demonstrated that things are never what they seem. I’ve never liked surprises and turns out the gents…

Love & Life

The Lunch: Whatsapp commentary

  [12:41, 1/21/2015] CARAMEL: Happy lunching’ [12:43, 1/21/2015] CINNAMON: Have fun [12:44, 1/21/2015] #LongMaySheReign: She makes me nervous [12:44, 1/21/2015] CARAMEL: Yeah-bow? [12:45, 1/21/2015] CHOC-CHIP: Hahaha [13:12, 1/21/2015] #LongMaySheReign: We at Pistachio’s looks fancy [13:13, 1/21/2015] CARAMEL: Wow [13:13, 1/21/2015]…

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